課程日記:Find your Art Voice

Carrboro Art Center的課,




Possible things to consider while writing or doodling:

What drives you to make art?

What is juicy about it? Or, what do you get from making art?

What, if anything, is frightening about it?

Would you consider the origins of your art work to be conscious? Or subconscious? (Skip this, if it doesn’t make sense to you.)

What artists have influenced you?

Who or what else has influenced your artwork?

Does making art serve a certain purpose for you?

What’s your relationship to your artwork?

Would you consider yourself a professional artist?

201504 06 第一堂課

上課的時候,一開始老師就叫我們做一個up-side-down sketch的練習。

他把一幅畢卡索的速寫倒著放,用紙遮住下面的4/5,然後我們就拿另一張紙照著畫,因為我們不會知道那是什麼,所以就變得很好玩。 他說是用來warm up how we perceive lines and shapes.


問我們一開始為什麼要做art,art對我們來說是什麼,描述一下我們現在的project, 然後提出他的意見 to help us move forward to next step。


好像世界上只剩下你的手指,你的眼睛,你筆下的那張紙,跟你的物體。 可以很專心的,讓自己一直上升一直上升,跟惱人的回憶跟莫名的憂愁都隔得好遠好遠好遠。線一直延伸。

20150413 第二堂課

這次上課前的課堂練習是shape and line

每次只能有兩分鐘,老師會在桌上擺出三樣東西,第一分鐘是按照物體的形狀畫底色,第二分鐘是按照你畫的底色色塊畫出邊線跟細節。 這個練習是用來練快速的構圖,因為老師發現我們會很容易掉入細節的陷阱裡,畫好細節後發現構圖不是自己要的。

這堂課老師幫我上色彩,warm color and cool color, color wheel and color mixing. 然後我就自己跟顏料玩了兩個小時 ,其實是有點慌的,因為對顏色真的很不熟,甚至好像連怎麼把顏料抹到紙上都有點笨拙,也沒有辦法把漸層的顏色漸得很好,不是太多或是太少,就是有斷層。對於混色也是讓我大吃一驚的不了解。像是要做出陰影色是加complementary color rather than black 也叫我驚訝連連,顏色其實是分暖色冷色(像是藍色有warm blue or cool blue) 也是第一次聽到



20150420 第三堂課

這次的課前練習是Assert & Obliterate.

是個三個步驟,分別是隨意用炭筆畫形狀,用厚白漆蓋掉碳筆痕跡,用薄白漆蓋掉碳筆痕跡。每個步驟只有三十秒所已不能用大腦想,只能隨意讓手發揮。每個步驟中間會退到畫室後方拉遠來看,看看畫告訴你什麼,再回去repeat 這三個步驟。真的很神奇的練習,能夠這樣隨意,不受控制的亂畫,其實還蠻爽的。
今天的課都在focus on畫自己的畫,超驚訝只是把畫畫出來可以把自己搞得那麼累,調色也比我想像中的困難。看樣子還要再多抓一些圖當reference!!
20150427 第四堂課
今天的課程練習是畫自己的手,可是不是畫素描,而是要一直盯著手看,看到邊緣還有線條像是皺紋之類的把它畫下來,眼睛看到手的哪裡就畫哪裡,但是眼睛不可以去看自己畫出來的東西。 這個練習是用來訓練自己對於線條的敏感度。

Flower, Football, and Sunshine – Sharayia and Jon Raleigh Rose Garden Engagement

Sharayia and Jon have been seeing each other for seven years and now they decided to hold each other’s hand for the rest of their life.

It is cold and rains a lot during the winter in NC this year. We were worried about the weather but luckily it suddenly becomes warm and sunny on the photography day.

Both Sharayia and Jon are funny, creative, easy to work with, and football fans. I am so honored to photograph their engagement!

Can’t wait to see them again on their big day! 🙂

2014-12-08_0001 Sharayia and Jon Little theater Rose Garden Raleigh Engagement 2014-12-10_0001 Sharayia and Jon Little Theater Rose Garden Raleigh Engagement 2014-12-10_0002  Sharayia and Jon Little Theater Rose Garden Raleigh Engagement 2014-12-10_0003 Sharayia and Jon Little Theater Rose Garden Raleigh Engagement 2014-12-10_0004 Sharayia and Jon Little Theater Rose Garden Raleigh Engagement 2014-12-10_0005 Sharayia and Jon Little Theater Rose Garden Raleigh Engagement2014-12-10_0006 Sharayia and Jon Little Theater Rose Garden Raleigh Engagement

Balloon, Color, and Love: Rachel & Peimon Duke Garden Engagement

Had a wonderful time with Rachel, Peimon, mom and three sweethearts over the holiday weekend. Love the couple! Love the theme!


Rachel and Peimon Duke Garden Engagement Durham

2014-12-03_0002Rachel and Peimon Duke Garden Engagement Durham Kacy Jung

2014-12-04_0001 Rachel and Peimon Duke Garden Engagement Durham Kacy Jung

2014-12-02_0002Rachel and Peimon Duke Garden Engagement Durham Kacy Jung

2014-12-03_0003Rachel and Peimon Duke Garden Engagement Durham
2014-12-05_0001Rachel and Peimon Duke Garden Engagement Durham Kacy Jung

2014-12-04_0002Rachel and Peimon Duke Garden Engagement Durham Kacy Jung

2014-12-05_0002Rachel and Peimon Duke Garden Engagement Durham Kacy Jung


20141018 Sammy and Robert Raleigh Wedding

Sammy, Robert, and I first met in a cold cold Sep morning in front of my house. I was just coming back from Taiwan for my internship and didn’t expect that I would have a wedding case coming this soon.

Sammy and Robert is definitely one of the sweetest and most considering couples I’ve worked with. Sammy is super thoughtful–she carefully explained how to pronounce some difficult names in our emails before I asked. Robert is just so much fun to work with– they even came up with the idea using Wheel of Fortune to decide where they will go to for their honey moon.

I don’t know how to better describe how much I enjoyed their wedding– I love their choice on venue, dress, bouquet, and decoration. I make some new friends, not only the bride and groom, but also Anna (I can’t believe she is also from Taiwan!) as well as the wedding planner, Chad (thanks so much for all the help). I love the way Sammy smiles, also the way they look at each other.

I am so lucky and honored to be part of their big days. The wedding ends, and their love story is continuing.


Venue: Babylon restaurant, Raleigh, NC
Wedding planner: Chad Biggs
Hair: Mary Jo Yglesias A
MUA: Jessica
Florist: Flower Thyme


2014-11-24_00132014-11-24_0012 2014-11-24_0015 2014-11-24_00142014-11-24_0016 2014-11-24_00102014-11-24_0007
2014-11-24_00052014-11-24_00092014-11-24_00082014-11-24_00022014-11-24_00012014-11-24_0003 2014-11-24_00042014-11-24_0011


Tony & Camie Jordan Lake pre-wedding

愛死了我的朋友、我的造型總監、我的美麗攝影師-Kacy Jung

The fairy tale romance of us.
I’ll remember the chilly autumn, the green pond, the unknown forest, the rustic wilderness, the golden lighting, the white house, the man and my lover till forever.
I can’t tell how much I love it! I love the design process, love the surroundings, love the photograph and love the happy ending.
So madly, I love my friend, my chief designer, my beautiful photographer.
Thank you for your delicate and unique work.

— Quote from my most beautiful bride, Camie Lee2014-11-20_0002 2014-11-20_00012014-11-20_0003 2014-11-20_0004


[People] Church, Smile, and Puppy: Po-Yi and Brandon couple session at Duke (20131229)




“嘿 Po-Yi, 很高興在2013年的最後能夠帶著妳, Brandon還有Aker到Duke校園留下一些美好的影像,希望妳新的一年一切順利,要跟Brandon永遠幸福噢! : ) “

I first met Po-Yi when I was working in Sinica in Taiwan. Time flies. It’s hard for me to believe that it has been five years.

I get the impression that she is always energetic and positive about her research and life. I wish that she can keep going with the the same attitude.

“Po-Yi, I am so glad to see you, Brandon, and Aker in the last week of 2013. Wish you all the best and live a happy life with Brandon forever!! : ) ”


Inside of Duke Chapel. The most awkward pose we’ve ever tried, ha ha.

KCJungPhotography_Po-Yi and Brandon at Duke-82013-12-31_0017

I asked Po-Yi and Brandon to practice their first. ” The more you practice, the better you become!” I preached.


This looks so much like a movie theme!

2013-12-31_0020 2013-12-31_0021

Aker scarf, Brandon production.



Serious face for everybody, even Aker.

2013-12-31_0015 2013-12-31_00162013-12-31_0023

We did the last photo in the studio space. Aker was so well-behaved!



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[People] THE FAIRY- Nancy Senior session in Raleigh (20131123)

This time Nancy and I did all the crazy things we had dreamed about– I made her a garland, drove to a graveyard, and she took off her shoes, wore sleeveless in 32 degree weather and pretend that she was a fairy. Even though the weather is freezing cold , IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

這一刻你是一個最快樂的人,你看見你想看見的,你將它發生。因你,我像戴上玫瑰色的眼鏡,看見尋常不會有的奇異與歡愉,你美而不能思議。 (張懸 玫瑰色的你)

I love this one sooo much! I love her expression as if she was walking on a thin layer of ice on a lake. Also tried my STARDUST brush for the first time, so pretty! >/////<


A lonely fairy stucked in the woods.


A CD cover!


Some other images of lovely Nancy from our photo session!

KCJungphotography_Nancy_Raleigh_Oakwood cemetery_face (22 of 46)PSNORA KCJungphotography_Nancy_Raleigh_Oakwood cemetery_face (29 of 46)Nora KCJungphotography_Nancy_Raleigh_Oakwood cemetery_3

KCJungphotography_Nancy_Raleigh_Oakwood cemetery_face (1 of 46)PS Nora

[People] Tiffany and Jack Engagement Session at Duke Garden and Lake Crabtree (20131102)

Tiffany is one of my best friends in NC. She is always cute, elegant, and considerate. She and Jack met a couple of years ago while they were still in Taiwan. Since then, they have been suffering from a long distance relationship until earlier this year. Long distance didn’t diminish one bit of their love towards each other and I am so honored to document it. Big congratulations to Tiffany and Jack. Also congrats to Jack for passing his prelim at Duke . Can’t wait for your wedding next year! 🙂







Tiffany and Jack_Duke Garden_BW (14 of 36)

KCJungPhotography_Tiffany and Jack_Duke Garden_NC (35 of 36)

Tiffany and Jack_Duke Garden_BW (32 of 36)


Tiffany and Jack_Duke Garden_BW (28 of 36)

KCJungPhotography_Tiffany_Jack_Duke Garden (1 of 1)PS